Products and Services

Strategic Program Analysis and Management

RehabTech has been a member and advisor to committee and boards whose role it has been to oversee and project manage large scale Assistive Technology programs, including procurement analysis, operational analysis, and technology and funds management.

TECHGUIDE & REHAB Info (An independent AT product information)

For over twenty years Rehab Tech has managed both the TECHGUIDE, a complete listing of all quality prosthetic and orthotic components and systems available worldwide, and REHAB info, which is a collection of clinical descriptions and functional indications. These information systems helped to improve outcomes for people with disabilities and support their care providers as well as provide a baseline measurement for quality products available within Australia.

Product Assessment/Evaluation

A key role of RehabTech has been the provision of advice to stakeholders including government, working parties and committees. Rehab Tech’s professional rehabilitation engineers have undertaken the assessment of emerging technologies to establish their safety and effectiveness, compliance to standards and cost effectiveness. This work has included laboratory testing, analysis of published literature, laboratory reports and whole of life cost evaluation.

Equipment and component failure investigation

RehabTech has undertaken numerous accident, equipment (and component) failure and other investigations, and where appropriate have assisted with liaison between users, manufacturers and statutory bodies such as the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Assistive technology design and development service

REHAB TECH has extensive experience in the provision of a design and development service in relation to mobility and communication devices and equipment. This service includes the advice on the selection of appropriate assistive technologies, customization of these technologies, and training programs. We have also designed devices and equipment to enable people with a disability to participate in sporting and leisure activities.

Education & training

Regular assistive technology courses were conducted and hosted by Rehab Tech, throughout Australia and overseas, utilising leading assistive technology experts and educators from around the world.  We have experience in organizing and conducting courses on assistive and disability technology both in the classroom and using video conferencing.

Assistive Technology Services

Establishment and maintenance of a comprehensive Assistive Technology guide – providing greater choice for people with disabilities and their care providers;

Providing advice about compliance to regulatory, safety, structural and functional standards for a wide range of Assistive Technology;

Provision of cost analysis and user statistics to support management of Assistive Technology;

Advice on procurement/supply of Assistive Technology (across a range of aids and appliances);

Advice on maintenance/support required by Assistive Technology users to ensure  “whole of life” support;

Advice on individualization (Customization) of Assistive Technology, providing more choice for people with a disability and their care providers;

Support for Assistive Technology service providers Australia-wide;

Investigation of Assistive Technology problems including failure investigations and reporting.